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About KSA office

In partnership agreement with our business partner in KSA Mr. Ahmed Al-Salman (ABACUS)- Day-to-day supervision and monitoring of staff performance and ensure obtaining the required level of professional knowledge to perform the technical and administrative aspects of the engagements in addition to supervising engagement teams in line with international standards and domestic regulatory laws.

Arranging, scheduling, and managing the tasks of several audit and consulting teams and monitoring the progress in meeting the objectives in a timely manner.

Heading the financial and management consulting services team in the GCC region, in addition to implementing parts of the work and supervise the technical and technological aspects of the project and the final adoption of the reports and output.

Led technical engagements and provided consultancy services in all the GCC countries as an employee, supervisor and team leader. He offered his services in several areas including banking, investment, accounting, financial control, internal audit, external audit, performance audit, feasibility studies, business and financial analysis and reporting, risk management, teaching.

Ahmed Al-Salman Consulting is a registered Expert holds professional qualifications in the fields of accounting and banking from the United States, he worked in several sectors in all GCC Markets since 2000. He participated in a long list of projects and managed several teams and supervised their performance simultaneously in several countries. He is teaching and training in accounting, banking, audit risk management, IFRS, ISA, and explain the new international accounting standards in several training centres in the region frequently. He is a member of the AICPA and several other banking, accounting, and economic associations in the region in addition to being an accounting expert in courts and a commercial arbitrator. He is specialized in accounting, internal and external audit, risk management, compliance, business and financial consulting and feasibility studies.


Our Contact in KSA

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ,Office 2, Building 39, Al Hasan Bin Ali St. Al Ezdehar Area P.O. Box 63107 – P.Code 11516

+966 55357 8958

+966 55098 1751